Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research

Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (EV-ILVO) is an internationally recognized scientific institute that stands for multidisciplinary, independent research and specialized service provision in all fields related to agriculture, fisheries and food in Flanders.

EV-ILVO will contribute to DiSSCo with collections of marine fauna (1.5K) and dried reference sediment samples for metals and grain size (0.3K) in the North Sea, otoliths (10K) and finclipsfrom fishes (1K), marine environmental samples for eDNA (0.2K), marine invertebrate specimens and their DNA (1K), seed collections and genetic resources from agricultural crops (1K) and living plant cultivars (0.5K), biobanks and genetic resources of crop pests such as nematodes, mites, fungi and bacteria (8.5K) and isolates and genetic resources of bacteria and fungi linked to the food and agriculture industry (10K). EV ILVO also has long-term series from measurements of shrimp fisheries catches (>100 years) and macrobenthos community composition in the North Sea (>20 years), which can be linked to DiSSCo, while addressed in other Infrastructures on biomonitoring.