KU Leuven

KU Leuven (KU Leuven) has a large variety of collections across different biological and geological related disciplines in scope of DiSSCo, as well as scientists acting as curators and data managers.

Like with the other universities, both classical and smaller lab collections will be considered. KU Leuven will participate in DiSSCo with the following collections: Soil monoliths, lacquer profiles and samples and Legacy soil maps (1.1K), Rocks (10K), Mineralogy (10K), Paleontology (100K), Prehistory (10K), Zoology Museum (6K), agricultural models (10) (inventory is based on the Academic Heritage inventory (2012). The soil samples, Paleontology collection and Zoology Museum are partly inventoried and digitized. The staff of KU Leuven has experience with collection management and digitization.